Rock the Rim Basketball partner with Sporting Schools.


Rock the Rim Basketball is affiliated with the Australian Sports Commission to provide Vicinity Aussie Hoops to schools in the Central West of NSW.

Sporting Schools, a $100 million Australian Government initiative, aims to get children healthy and active. Its key purpose is to encourage more children to do more sports based activities, and empower schools to help them out.

Sporting Schools will engage with over 850,000 children across Australia in what will be the country’s largest school based participation program.

By focusing on having fun, having a go and getting active, Rock the Rim Basketball and Sporting Schools will provide the Central West children with positive sporting experiences to help foster a lifetime interest in sports.

Rock the Rim Basketball supports this through delivering the national Vicinity Aussie Hoops program, which focuses on providing safe, fun and engaging basketball activities that get all children involved, regardless of their level of ability.

For more information about Sporting Schools and Vicinity Aussie Hoops visit

Rock the Rim Basketball is proud to be given this opportunity through Sporting Schools and Basketball NSW.

Rock the Rim Basketball where “Every Child gets an Opportunity”



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